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The Karlsruhe Center for Material Signatures KCM is an association of institutes of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the business unit Automated Visual Inspection of Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB. With modern analytic technology, we visualize spectral information of materials.

KCM identifies the specific spectral signatures of your material. No matter if for food, plastics or minerals. Each material has it's own specific spectral signatures. We develop solutions for sorting and concentrating of your materials, and use the spectral signatures.

We are happy to identify the signature of your materials. Talk to us!

Analysis Cooperation

Due to the application of special knowledge of the participating partners from different disciplines, we are in a position to identify specific signatures of objects in your samples. 

Our Services

We analyse your materials, to identify the specific spectral signatures. With modern laboratory equipment and optimized dataprocessing, experts identify the spectral signatures. Basing on this, we find the separation or concentration technology, that is needed.


KCM and IEEE will organize the 5th international conference OCM-2021 in Karlsruhe in March 2021. The topic of the conference is the optical characterization of materials.


Within this chapter you will find actual publications about hyper spectral analysis of materials. This publications give also an overview to the state of scientific, about spectral image and signal processing.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Längle 
Phone +49 721 6091-212


Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. Henning Schulte
Phone +49 721 6091-275

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